The following is provided in order to set clear expectations in terms of our service and social media in general.
  • Us to guarantee an increase in Likes or Followers to your pages. 
  • Your phone to ring 20 minutes after starting Social Media
  • Us to post custom designed images.
  • Us to post images of the exact dimensions for each individual social network.  Image posts will include one image and each social network will automatically crop the image per their own guidelines.  How exactly the image is cropped is completely beyond our control.
  • Us to post images only someone on-site at your place of business would be able to produce or have access to.
  • Us to post content that would not be known to us (i.e., it has not been shared publicly on your website or provided to us otherwise).
  • Us to post illegal or offensive content, or content we deem to not be in the best interests of your business.
  • For basic packages, we do not respond to direct messages, etc. on your pages. If interested in this please contact us for information on Social Media Management packages.
  • Social Media to solve underlying business issues:
     Bad phone call handling (phone not answered, rude receptionist, etc.)
     Bad reputation online or within the communities you serve
  • Us to answer queries daily on content or account performance.

If you are in need of CMS Social to provide custom images, message response, etc., please contact us for a custom social media marketing proposal.